Monday, March 15, 2010

OH Lady Gaga Why am I So Fascinated With You, Your Such A Weirdo...


Lady Gaga is making big news with her out there and most definite provocative style, and her random symbolic video's. I like her music but I do prefer to stay away from her video's. Why? To be honest, I think there a tad bit ridiculous. It's not because their to racy, because I can handle racy, their just plan stupid :). But all that aside, I believe many years from now people will remember her name. What comes to mind when u think Lady Gaga: Outrageous, Sexy, Man or Woman, fashionista? She is obviously on peoples minds. On youtube her Telephone video got more than 555372946 views since it hit on Friday. But was fagged earlier today. So on that note im not the only one who has Lady Gaga Fever......


  1. Hey that's a great post! Though I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga, I'm surprised people love her for her freakishness.

  2. I love her!!! Her weirdness is kind of cool.